Whipala. Genuine natural coca leaf drink

The coca leaf plant has been worshipped by the Inca society for more than a thousand years. Until now the so called “mate de coca”, the traditional coca leaf infusion, helps people in the Andes live strongly and happily in altitudes of more than 4.000 meters.
Now everyone can enjoy the delights of the natural coca leaf plant!


We are starting a highly inspiring voyage from Bolivia to the world in 2019.

Be part of our mystical ride and join our family of sacred-plant aficionados:
Crafted in Bolivia with pride. Bottled nearby friends!

For further information or distribution inquiries: Hola!

Our heritage

"Wiphala" is the mystic flag of the Inca society. It enlightened us to create a range of

unique non-alcoholic beverages and food products that will open
a holy grail of contemporary
food culture.


Available soon all over Europe.

In the subtropical Bolivian Yungas region we are working together with family owned cooperatives that deliver high quality coca leafs to produce a variety of remarkably distinct beverages


Venceremos Compañeros!

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